7:30 am Registration & Networking

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Chad Champine Director of Industrial Business Development, BHDP Architecture

Optimizing Procurement

8:10 am Case Study: How We Approached a More Integrated Procurement Model With Our Clients to Improve Schedule Certainty


  • Understanding the contractual arrangements and processes employed to set up a more collaborative approach to procurement
  • Evaluating the challenges and solutions that were enabled by integrated procurement
  • Revealing how early involvement and clear communication with clients improved their alignment and overall project success
  • Defining client supplier and contractor scope interface challenges and solutions

8:50 am Fireside Chat: Dealing With Long Equipment Lead Times to Reduce Cost & Increase Project Efficiency

  • Chris Allee Director of Program Development, Hoar Program Management


  • Exploring alternative solutions and contingency planning strategies to minimize the long lead times
  • Effectively communicating with suppliers in North America and oversea clients in the market to manage current expectations
  • Working with customers effectively to build delayed lead time into the project timeline

9:30 am Morning Refreshments

10:00 am Working With An International Supply Chain to Meet Client Preferences Yet Maintain Quality & Adhere to US Standards


  • Gaining knowledge on additional quality checks you can undertake to mitigate product approval failures
  • Developing strategies to proactively manage and adapt to unforeseen challenges with international suppliers
  • Understand how to improve communication and overcome language barriers associated with international relations

Advanced Construction Methodologies

10:40 am Case Study: How We Leverage Prefabrication & Offsite Manufacturing Modernization to Compress Schedules & Ease Pressure


  • Understanding the return on investment and cost-saving potential associated with prefabrication and OSM
  • Exploring the strategies employed for effective planning and coordination when implementing prefabrication: What decisions need to be made, when to effectively facilitate prefabrication?
  • Sharing success stories and lessons learned within prefabrication to figure out how to innovate future projects

11:20 am Instrumentation & Controls System Integration From Design to Construction – What Owners & Builders Should Know, But Don’t


  • The Nervous System of the Facility: Ensuring early and continuous involvement of I&C with all key disciplines and stakeholders
  • Identifying ways to mitigate risk of startup and commissioning when the inevitable construction and installation delays occur
  • Ensuring your system is secure from bad actors as well as unintentional mistakes

12:00 pm Networking Lunch

Transforming Future Facilities

1:00 pm Audience Discussion: Improving Sustainability of Design of Advanced Manufacturing Facilities


  • Exploring the increasing environmental regulations for advanced manufacturing facilities and why it’s at the core of the client’s mission requirements
  • Understanding the specific sustainability goals and requirements that clients may have and how to meet them effectively
  • Learning about the sustainable choices you can make to maximize waste reduction, water conservation and conscious material options

1:30 pm Fireside Chat: What Will the Future Hold for the Evolution of These Advanced Manufacturing Facilities?

  • Josh Turner Principal, Nashville Department Manager, Bennett & Pless Inc.
  • Adam Rogers Operations Manager, Hensel Phelps Construction


  • Understanding the future trends in technology, construction methods and design principles that will shape the industry
  • Learning about the evolving expectations of owners and understanding their requirements for sustainability, flexibility, and adaptability
  • Examining how to get a ‘well building’ certification and what that process entails when building these facilities

2:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Chad Champine Director of Industrial Business Development, BHDP Architecture

2:15 pm End of Conference