2023 Partners

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Lead Partner

Sherwin-Williams industrial coatings deliver innovative, industry-leading solutions. The Performance Coatings Group, which provides the Company’s industrial coatings, has seven business divisions: aerospace coatings, automotive finishes, coil & extrusion, general industrial, industrial wood coatings, packaging coatings, and protective & marine coatings.

Our experts in the divisions offer world-class industry subject matter expertise, operating in more than 120 countries while providing localized service and execution. We have 327 Company-operated branches and facilities strategically located near our customers, so we can meet fast-turn small batches and color, gloss, and create viscosity customizations on time and with accuracy. From the heights of the world’s tallest buildings to the smallest electronics, the car you drive, and the coating inside the can of your favorite cold beverage, we cover that.


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Expertise Partner

The FullForce Team focuses on simple, holistic systems that greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the many challenges that are faced when placing concrete. The systems we deliver are safer, more cost-effective, time-efficient, sustainable, and simply outperform traditional practices. We participate in your project from concept through construction to ensure the end user gets the quality product they invested in.




Innovation Partner

Viega Industrial Piping Systems is the safe, fast, reliable method for joining pipe – helping to avoid delays and complete work on-time and on-budget. Viega’s MegaPress®/ProPress® valves and fittings are ISO9001 certified, range ½” - 4” diameter, available in copper, carbon steel, and 304/316 metals, and approved in 2,500+ industrial applications. Improve your speed-to-market and customer experience while meeting the demands in today’s Pre-Fabrication, Construction, and Manufacturing space. Viega Industrial Piping Systems – Innovative systems to complete the job!




Exhibition Partner

Corzan CPVC technology provides a practical and sustainable solution to the shortcomings of metal and other polymers that reduce system service life in both industrial applications. With strong resistance to the harshest acids and bases Corzan CPVC has data on suitability against over 500 chemicals and compounds to help determine whether Corzan CPVC is right for your application. Learn more at Corzan.com


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Exhibition Partner

HODESS CLEANROOM CONSTRUCTION, LLC (HCC) is a recognized leader in the cleanroom construction and advanced technology industry. Founded in 1971 as a General Contractor, HCC quickly developed a national reputation. With our background in General Contracting, we utilize a larger set of tools than most cleanroom specialists. We ask the tough questions others avoid, and we provide answers on how to best design and build your cleanroom to save time and money, without sacrificing quality.




Exhibition Partner

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities require very specific construction solutions. Sika can provide many products to these facilities such as Concrete Admixtures, Concrete Fibers, Roofing, Flooring, Expansion Joints, Insulation, and Waterproofing. Sika products outperform with regards to sustainability, chemical resistance, fire resistance, and cost. Sika can provide cost driven solutions which can reduce construction schedules by 25%+. With presence in over 100 countries, Sika has specialized contractors that install all types of building materials. Sika…Building Trust!




Industry Partner

Syska Hennessy innovates decarbonization strategies, speed to market, and reduced construction cost into each manufacturing facility we engineer. We are a global, full-service engineering firm that specializes in MEP, information and communication technology sustainability and commissioning. With more than 600 professionals across 20 offices, we provide a full range of engineering services for projects of varying sizes and budgets.