7:00 am Registration & Networking

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Chad Champine Director of Industrial Business Development, BHDP Architecture

Manufacturing Market Evolution

8:10 am Leveraging Current Federal & Local Incentive Programs to Increase Project Viability & Deliver Optimal Funding Solutions


  • Understanding the CHIPS for America funding opportunities that have been released for semiconductor ecosystem companies
  • Clarifying primary CHIPS program objectives, while defining what it takes to make sure your application is properly developed to receive funding
  • Examining how local and state government incentives are evolving to become more impactful for the end user, and how to identify the right incentives for your business

8:50 am Collaborating With End Users to Design Safer, More Adaptable & High-Quality Facilities


  • Learning how to interface with the end user to get their input throughout the design process
  • Highlighting the requirements that are needed when it comes to the enhanced safety of production lines
  • Engaging in conversations regarding future scalability and evolution of production within the facility to design with adaptability and future expansion in mind 

9:30 am A Lean Construction Model for Reducing Waste & Increasing Productivity Through Shop-Applied Fireproofed Steel


  • Create a safer project site by eliminating dangerous, inaccurate applications on elevated lifts with multiple trades competing on-site
  • Reduce bottlenecks by allowing other trades typically restrained by long delays for on-site fireproofing to start tasks sooner, lessening complexity
  • Save time and money with Sherwin-Williams best-in-class shop applied epoxy intumescent coating and Construction Solutions services for safer, faster and simpler fireproofing

10:00 am Morning Refreshments

Streamlining the Design Phase

10:40 am How Do We Become More Integrated Within the Design Process to Improve Constructability & Coordination?

  • Tammi Hill Principal Architect, JE Dunn Construction Company
  • Drew Overmiller Vice President | Director of Engineering & Planning, JE Dunn Construction Company


  • Transitioning from a design collaboration mindset to a design leadership mindset
  • Ensuring clarity of roles, responsibilities and expectations of scope and deliverables
  • Managing the change process through clear project scope definition
  • Continuously improving design processes to ensure project success

11:20 am Structuring the Design Decision-Making Process to Balance Cost Efficiency & Design Flexibility


  • Dealing with ambiguity in design through identification and understanding the impact of late design decision-making
  • Uncovering what makes project communication effective, especially when navigating large and/or complex teams
  • Balancing cost and speed in design, ensuring clients make informed decisions at every stage
  • Discussing effective communication to manage expectations, define roles and implement collaborative tools for larger complex teams

12:00 pm Networking Lunch

Integrating Project Delivery

1:10 pm Panel: Exploring the Best Project Delivery Models to Meet Market Needs & Client Expectations

  • Chad Champine Director of Industrial Business Development, BHDP Architecture
  • Hal Plaag Senior Project Manager, Gresham Smith


  • Reflecting on the war stories and successes in contract terms and negotiations within different project delivery models
  • Exploring how the roles of each stakeholder change based on the delivery model and evaluating the risks and rewards that follow
  • Sharing success stories of design-build delivery methods or an alternative delivery method rather than the old traditional design bid than build

1:50 pm Case Study: Optimizing Project Delivery through Innovative Technologies that are Constructing the Lifelines of Industry


  • Mitigating the risk project delays have on revenue generation and profitability 
  • Forward thinking: new innovation and technologies to effectively deliver your project on-time and on-budget
  • Insights to ever-evolving manufacturing demands and how innovative technologies can help minimize challenges 

2:00 pm Case Study: How Integrated Project Delivery Helped Us Successfully Navigate Complex Requirements to Ensure the Facility Was Delivered on Time, With Minimum RFIs


  • Mapping the end-to-end process of setting up, validating, and maintaining a successful IPD project
  • Outlining how the contract documents, culture and workflows were established to ensure financial transparency
  • Revealing how we will leverage future IPD projects and improve the construction process

2:40 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:10 pm Overcoming Concrete Challenges with Sustainably Designed, High Performance Interior and Exterior Slab Systems

  • Ellyn Veal Senior Applications Engineer, FullForce


  • Providing collaborative efforts to identify and circumvent common issues associated with concrete slabs
  • Increasing slab performance and sustainability with cutting edge technology
  • Maximizing project delivery and shareholder value with a warranted slab system

3:40 pm Leveraging Subject Matter Expert Suppliers to Optimize Procurement


  • Recognizing gaps in the traditional planning/design process, and how to address them with SMEs from the supplier community
  • Examining how obsessive bidding destroys value and increases project cost
  • Understanding how to use Design Assist to develop buildable concepts earlier in the scheduling process
  • Exploring case study examples outlining how to integrate specialist suppliers in IPD projects

4:20 pm Effectively Managing the Increasing Size & Complexity of the Trade Partner Value Chain on Projects: Strategies for Dealing With Dynamic Interdependencies

  • Aaron Walsh Market Leader - Automotive, Alberici Constructors


  • Evaluating the ‘billion dollar’ landscape of projects to determine your appetite, capacity and the value of taking on more work
  • Effectively dividing larger project scopes and combining self-perform work with multiple trade partners to meet the needs of these mega-projects
  • Establishing scope alignment between all parties by setting clear expectations when defining scopes of work and implementing clear communication strategies
  • Identifying and managing the risks associated with longer and more complex trade-partner chains, especially when crossing borders and meeting differing expectations for project delivery

5:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Chad Champine Director of Industrial Business Development, BHDP Architecture

5:10 pm End of Conference Day One & Advancing Construction Happy Hour

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