Conference Day One

7:30 am Registration & Breakfast

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

The Evolving Landscape of Advanced Manufacturing

8:40 am Analyzing the Advanced Manufacturing Boom & What’s Next on the Horizon


• Assessing current market conditions across core advanced manufacturing markets and the industry leaders driving growth

• Mapping the pipeline of current and future projects

• Reviewing market capacity and opportunities to understand the future trajectory of the manufacturing landscape

9:20 am Panel Discussion: Navigating Government Initiatives & Private Financial Streams to Support Project Delivery


• Assessing current financial initiatives and tax incentives available at federal and local government level to enable project delivery

• Exploring the qualifying criteria to unlock these for the AEC value-chain

• Discover private funding opportunities to diversify and strengthen your financial support

Building Robust Client Relationships

10:40 am Adapting International Design to Comply With US Standards & Regulations


• Identifying bottlenecks in adapting international designs to comply with US regulation

• Ensuring clarity with clients on the need for design adaptation

• Developing robust design reviews and alternative solutions to ensure continued project feasibility without compromising project objectives

11:20 am Panel Discussion: Bridging International Clients Cultural Differences for Better Project Alignment

  • Curt Hoffmann Senior Architect, Principal, Graef USA
  • Roy Selvidge Principal and Industrial Market Leader, LS3P Associates Ltd.
  • Sejin Kim Vice President, Gresham, Smith & Partners
  • Max Lares Advanced Technology Facilities - Director, CTCI Corporation


• Exploring how business and construction cultures vary around the globe

• Understanding typical points of friction between US and international client practices or expectations

• Building alignment on critical metrics, responsibilities and reporting for a productive, collaborative relationship

Optimizing Project Performance

10:40 am Scheduling Best Practice at Megaproject Scale to Maximize Accuracy & Avoid Overrun


• Identifying common challenges in schedule adherence on megaprojects

• Developing effective processes for keeping schedules on track

• Exploring consequences of lagging projects, understanding potential impacts, and mitigation strategies

11:20 am Unlocking Effective Project Control Strategies to Adhere to Project Budgets


• Analyzing which data to focus on to understand the full financial position of your project

• Developing effective communications strategies to facilitate proactive problem solving

• Implementing efficient triage and mitigation mechanisms

10:00 am Break & Networking

12:30 pm Networking Lunch

Improving Project Capabilities

1:30 pm Analyzing Potential Projects to Determine Which Opportunities to Pursue


• Taking a criteria-driven approach to projects to ensure alignment with company capabilities and goals

• Analyzing historical data against project criteria to assess project suitability

• Communicating your organization’s capacity to exceed clientexpectations

2:10 pm Audience Discussion: Creating Meaningful Partnerships to Expand Your Project Capacity


• Identifying potential partners that compliment internal expertise, capacity and objectives

• Defining joint success metrics to strengthen connections and foster collaboration

• Linking information sharing processes between two organizations to foster success

Enhancing Project Team Alignment

1:30 pm Optimizing Data Governance & Sharing for Timely Decision-Making & Team Alignment

  • Aaron Carriere Lead Virtual Design and Construction Engineer, Hensel Phelps Construction Co


• Analyzing data collection processes to enhance decision making

• Understanding who needs access to what information to effectively share the information required

• Analyzing data integration across stakeholders to drive operational efficiency

2:10 pm Panel Discussion: Discovering Methods to Align Your Team Towards a Collective Goal


• Exploring effective communication strategies for large project teams

• Fostering team ownership through driving accountability over specific outcomes

• Exploring tools to unify a diverse and changing workforce, developing resources to create a shared language

2:50 pm Break & Networking

Streamlining Supply Chain & Logistics

3:20 pm Overcoming Procurement Delays to Ensure Execution On Time & On Budget

  • Amanda Sosnicki Director of MEP Supply Chain, Clayco Construction Company


• Gaining practical insights into the material types that are most impacted by supply chain bottlenecks

• Assessing effective management strategies and alternative solutions for overcoming procurement challenges

• Evaluating sequencing adaptations to mitigate material delays and keep on schedule

4:00 pm Improving the Communication of Facility Utility Requirements to Optimize Design, Reduce Rework & Drive Down Cost

  • Kevin Krause Industrial Market Leader, Electrical Engineer Principal
  • Don Hagen Business Development, Affiliated Engineers


  • Understanding facility requirements for projects early on to create effective utility design
  • Communicating the requirements and utility process with key stakeholders
  • Creating adaptability in utility infrastructure to mitigate the delay of an evolving project

4:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:50 pm End of Conference Day One