Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Monday, July 29 2024

Enhancing Flexibility to Optimize Project Success

9.00 Check-In, Refreshments & Networking

10:00 Workshop A

Building Adaptability Into Design to Meet Evolving Facility Requirements at Minimal Cost

In the dynamic field of Advanced Manufacturing, it’s essential to prepare projects with a focus on operational resilience and flexibility to seamlessly adapt to the evolving production processes and technologies. Therefore, understanding how upstream design can support this is imperative for project success.

Join this workshop to:
• Identify proven strategies to efficiently navigate evolving facility operational needs, ensuring swift decision-making
• Explore cutting edge design solutions and prefabrication to unlock enhanced project flexibility
• Case study: diving into practical examples of how design has been adapted to enable future facility demands

Todd Mion, Facilities Integration Specialist of Architecture, Fluor Corporation

12.00 Lunch

13:00 Workshop B

Assessing How Project Delivery Methods Can Support Evolving Facility Design Requirements to De-Risk Your Project

Choice of project delivery method and contract can be critical in defining priorities, responsibilities and behaviors. Critically, contract choice can be a valuable enabler of more flexible, more integrated decision making and better performing projects. Dive a little deeper as we address the following topics:

• Evaluating how alternative contract models like Design-build or IPD drive earlier collaboration
• Understand how differing delivery models change stakeholder relationships, requirements and responsibilities
• Defining metrics to assess the effects of contracts, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of their impact on project outcomes

Joe Welmers, Senior Estimating Manager, Barton Malow

15:00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

15:30 Workshop C

Assessing How Project Delivery Methods Can Support Evolving Facility Design Requirements to De-Risk Your Project

With constantly evolving facility requirements, the challenges become more
pronounced than those typically encountered. Therefore, effective strategies to identify and address them is paramount for project success.

Join this workshop to:
• Analyze how and why facility requirements can evolve over project lifecycle
• Uncover the fiscal and schedule ramifications of design changes for both you and owners, to mitigate risks to project objectives
• Discover tactics for building trust through owner involvement, fostering collaboration and confident relationships to allow for change

Jake Beermann, Senior Estimator, Evans General Contractors

17:30 End of Pre-Conference Workshop Day